Call for Papers: "The Glocalisation of Christianity in China"

Univ. of Manchester, UK
15th - 16th May 2014
Deadline: 5th Jan 2014

An international conference organised by Centre for Chinese Studies and Department of Religions and Theology.
Christianity came to China four times: with the Nestorians during the Tang dynasty (618-907), the Franciscans during the Mongol-ruled Yuan dynasty (1271-1368), the Jesuits during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), and with the Protestants ever since the Opium War (1839-42) and during the Republican Era (1911-1949).  But four times it seems they disappeared as these dynasties and the Republican regime vanished from the map of China.  The study of Christianity in China has flourished in recent year (Richard Madson, Lian Xi, Ryan Dunch, Alvyn Austin, Daniel Bays, to name a few).  But the re-emergence and popularity of Christianity in the post-Mao era has raised new questions about the ways in which historians have studied the history of these missions/missionaries.  The churches, converts and practices they left behind have resurfaced in the post-Mao era.  These missions have not failed as generations of historians have argued. The post-Mao era has provided us with hindsight unavailable to us before. How does this help us to re-examine the history of Christianity in China? The landscape of Christianity in post-Mao China is diverse; it differs enormously not just in terms of denomination and brand but also in terms of practice as some congregate in underground churches, some in old churches built by missionaries and others in new facilities provided by the government.  How significant were the foundations laid in the two millennia before?  Many Chinese people, both the elite and the ordinary, have embraced or become interested in Christianity.  What could this mean for China in the decades to come?  We welcome historians/scholars of Christianity and China to join us in a debate that addresses the following questions/issues:

  1. Is there a pattern in the introduction and indigenisation of Christianity in China in the past one thousand four hundred years
  2. Who are the old and new Christians that have emerged and what can they tell us about history, Mao and post-Mao China?
  3. Is the post-Mao emergence of Christianity true indigenisation because it is not missionary-imposed, but home grown and self-driven?
  4. What is the significance of the transition from “Christianity in China” to “Chinese Christianity”?

Inquiries and abstracts of no more than 200 words, plus 5 lines of biographical information, should be sent to Rebecca Frost at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 5 January 2014. Those accepted to present at the conference will be notified by 31 January 2014.  Accommodation and food will be provided during the conference but paper presenters should look for their own funding for travel.




Call for Applications: TOChina Summer School (9th edition)Call for Applications: TOChina Summer School (9th edition)
Friday, 17 Apr 2015

Torino, Italy
29th Jun - 10th Jul 2015
Deadline: 24th May 2015
  Since 2007, the TOChina Summer School has welcomed outstanding graduate students, young researchers, practitioners and managers to one of Europe’s most engaging salons dedicated to analyzing China’s structural transformations in the socio-political, economic and cultural realms.

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Call for papers: Workshop "Argument alternations in Chinese", embedded in the 9th International Conference of the European Association of Chinese Linguistics (EACL-­‐9)
Friday, 17 Apr 2015

Stuttgart, Germany     
24 - 25th Sep 2015  
We invite anonymous abstracts for 30-­‐minute talks (20+10) presenting new research into argument alternations in Chinese. Submissions may not exceed 2 pages (A4/letter) and must be written in English. The first line of the submission must be "Submission for the workshop on argument alternations in Chinese". No more than one single-­‐authored and one co-­‐authored abstract per person will be considered.  
Submission of abs [ ... ]

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New Issue: Études ChinoisesNew Issue: Études Chinoises
Friday, 17 Apr 2015

  Béatrice L'Haridon would like to inform members about the contents of the most recent volume of Etudes Chinoises: Éditorial : François Martin : In memoriam Jean-Pierre Diény (1927-2014) Dossier : Chance, destin et jeux de hasard en Chine   Articles Lisa Raphals : Debates about Fate in Early China Stéphane Feuillas : Nature et destin dans la pensée de Zhang Zai (1020-1078) Andrea Bréard : Homo ludens mathematicus. La quantification du hasard dans les pratiques combinatoires en Chine Frédéric Cons [ ... ]

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Call for Papers: European Jesuits in China (16th-18th): The Impact of Jesuits on the Development of Modern Chinese Science
Friday, 17 Apr 2015

Asian Studies Azijske študije
Deadline: 30th Jun 2015
The Autumn issue 2015 will be dedicated to the work of European Jesuits in China from 16th till 18th centuries. The main purpose of this issue is to further explore the role of Jesuits on the development of modern Chinese science. More specifically, this issue seeks to offer new insights in Jesuit`s contribution to development of the astronomy, cartography and mathematical sciences with special focuses on astronomical instruments and the work of Jesuits in the  [ ... ]

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Two 3-year PhD positions - “Airborne: Pollution, Climate Change and Visions of Sustainability in China"
Saturday, 04 Apr 2015

Oslo, Norway
Deadline: 15th Jul 2015
Two PhD Research Fellowships (SKO 1017) connected to the project Airborne: Pollution, Climate Change, and Visions for Sustainability in China are available at the Department of Cultural Studies and Oriental Languages (IKOS), the University of Oslo. IKOS seeks to recruit two PhD candidates each of whom will work on a doctoral project within the range of Airborne (see Airborne project description). Taking "air" (kongqi) as its focal point of departure, the Airborne research team exp [ ... ]

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Conference: The Shaping of Christianity in China
Saturday, 21 Mar 2015

Oxford, UK
21 - 22nd May 2015
Deadline: 27th Mar 2015
A fresh look at the contribution of indigenous Christians The focus of the conference will be on the role played by Chinese Christians in the shaping of Protestant and Catholic Christianity within China over the past century-and-a-half. This is not to ignore the significant role of foreign missionaries whose accounts have been well told, but to redress the balance and to bring to life the very important contribution of the many indigenous Christians, often marginalised [ ... ]

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Call for papers: EAMSA Conference 2015 "Theory and Practice in Bridging Europe and Asia: Contemporary Challenges in International Marketing"
Saturday, 21 Mar 2015

London, UK
28 - 31st Oct 2015
Deadline: 17th Jul 2015
Conference Theme The massive expansion in globalisation has arguably been driven by successful development of theories and practices of international marketing that resulted in generating a colossal number of new customers and new competitors in the global marketplace. At the heart of such expansion was the emergence of Asian countries as partners in the world growth, coupled with the massive improvements in communication, transportation and market liberalisation, esp [ ... ]

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Four tenure-track Positions in School of Chinese
Saturday, 21 Mar 2015

Hong Kong University
Deadline: 4th May 2015
The School of Chinese seeks scholars of high calibre to fill the following tenure-track positions: (1) Professor of Chinese Linguistics in the Chinese Language Centre (Ref.: 201500067)
(2) Professor/Associate Professor of Chinese History and Culture (Ref.: 201500068)
(3) Assistant Professor in Chinese Literature (Ref.: 201500069)
(4) Assistant Professor in Translation (Ref.: 201500070) These appointments are to commence on September 1, 2015 or as soon as possible thereafter [ ... ]

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Call for Papers: The 5th International Symposium on Ethical Literary Criticism
Saturday, 21 Mar 2015

Seoul, Korea
2 - 4th Oct 2015
Deadline: 1st Jun 2015
In order to promote international academic exchange in the field of literary criticism, East-West Comparative Literature Association of Korea will collaborate with the International Association for Ethical Literary Criticism (IAELC), the College of the Humanities and Institute of Trans Media World Literature of Dongguk University, the A&HCI scholarly journal Foreign Literature Studies and The International Center for Ethical Literary Criticism at Central China Norma [ ... ]

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11th Lodz East Asia Meeting “East Asia Dynamics. Between Being Regional and Global“
Saturday, 21 Mar 2015

University of Lodz, Poland
2 - 3rd Jun 2015
Deadline: 22nd Mar 2015
The 11th Lodz East Asia Meeting (2–3 June 2015) proposal submission deadline has been extended to 22nd March 2015. We invite scholars,
searchers and graduate students interested in presenting and discussing issues related to the growth of East Asia from regional and global
perspective. To submit the abstract please visit our website at www.leam.uni.lodz.pl
The conference is an annual gathering of scholars interested in Asian affairs, especially their p [ ... ]

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Conference on International Communication of Chinese Culture: World Value of Chinese Culture
Saturday, 21 Mar 2015

Beijing, PRC
27 - 28th Nov 2015
Deadline: 15th May 2015
Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture, Beijing Normal University, invites scholars from a variety of backgrounds (Sinology, Cultural Studies, Sociology, International Relations, Arts, Communication, Demography, Geography, Musicology, Film Studies, Anthropology, History etc.) to propose sessions and papers for the Conference on International Communication of Chinese Culture: World Value of Chinese Culture
(Deadline extended to 15th May 2015)
sp;[ ... ]

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International Symposium "Language Diversity in the Sinophone World: Policies, Effects, and Tradition"
Saturday, 21 Mar 2015

Göttingen, Germany
11 - 13th Jun 2015
Deadline: 22nd May 2015
Language diversity is a ubiquitous feature in the sinophone world. In the past and present, language planning agencies in the area commonly – if not uncontroversially – referred to as ''Greater China'' have responded differently to the challenges of multilingualism. After several decades of national language policy, Mandarin is now widely used and broadly accepted in Mainland China, Singapore, and Taiwan. It is used to a much lesser degree in Hong Kong [ ... ]

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MARKUS text analysis and reading platform--update and additional toolsMARKUS text analysis and reading platform--update and additional tools
Saturday, 21 Mar 2015

 The MARKUS text analysis and reading platform is a multi-faceted tool that allows users to access a range of online reference tools while reading texts in literary Chinese, and/or to tag and extract any kind of information of interest to them. In addition to names already present in China Biographical Databate and China Historical GIS, users can tag words or expressions by uploading their own lists or by using the keyword help tools. The March 2015 release includes: improvements in automated markup: emperor names h [ ... ]

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EACS Event: “Traditional China: a Closer Distant View” A Sinological Summer School in Saint PetersburgEACS Event: “Traditional China: a Closer Distant View” A Sinological Summer School in Saint Petersburg
Thursday, 12 Mar 2015

Saint Petersburg, Russia
24 - 30th Aug 2015
Deadline: 10th Apr 2015
The EACS Summer School “Traditional China: a closer distant view” at the Faculty of Asian and African Studies of St. Petersburg State University, focuses on important matters of the present-day Chinese studies in Europe. The Summer School presents a one-week intensive training program on several specific subjects: Chinese history, religion, art, literature, European-Chinese relations and St. Petersburg collections of Chinese manuscripts and art. The w [ ... ]

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Vacant position: Director, East Asian Library Princeton University Library
Sunday, 08 Mar 2015

Princeton, NJ, USA
The Princeton University Library is one of the world’s leading research libraries, serving a diverse community of 5,200 undergraduates, 2,700 graduate students, 1,200 faculty members, and many visiting scholars. Its holdings include more than 7 million printed volumes, 5 million manuscripts, 2 million non-print items, and extensive collections of digital text, data and images. The Library employs a dedicated and knowledgeable staff of more than 300 professional and support staff working in a large c [ ... ]

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Vacant position: Postdoctoral researcher in the Cultural History of China (Sinology)
Tuesday, 03 Mar 2015

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Deadline: 30th Apr 2015
The Amsterdam School of Culture and History of the Faculty of Humanities is looking for a postdoctoral researcher in the Cultural History of China (Sinology) as part of the project The Chinese Impact: Images and Ideas of China in the Dutch Golden Age (NWO-Vidi). This project explores the mutual perceptions that resulted from the cultural exchange between China and the Low Countries (Northern and Southern Netherlands) in the seventeenth century. ASCH is one of the six res [ ... ]

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Call for papers: International Conference "Media and Politics - Discourses, Cultures, and Practices"
Friday, 27 Feb 2015

University of Milan, Italy
27- 28th May 2015
Deadline: 20th Mar 2015
The Department of Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication and the Contemporary Asia Research Centre of the University of Milan are pleased to announce the organization of an international conference on "Media and Politics: Discourses, Cultures, and Practices" which will be held at the Polo di Mediazione Interculturale e Comunicazione on 27th-28th May 2015.   Description: Media and politics have always been interconnected. On the [ ... ]

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Call for papers: International Symposium on Chinese Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (ISOCTAL)
Tuesday, 24 Feb 2015

Newcastle University, UK
10 - 12th Dec 2015
Deadline: 25th May 2015
The Centre for Research in Linguistics and Language Sciences (CRiLLS), Newcastle University, UK is delighted to announce a forthcoming conference--- the International Symposium on Chinese Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (ISOCTAL) on 10th - 12th December, 2015. The Symposium aims to promote worldwide collaboration on Chinese theoretical and applied linguistics by giving researchers an opportunity to share their work. Confirmed speakers for the confer [ ... ]

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Vacant position: History and philology of classical China
Tuesday, 24 Feb 2015

Paris, France
Starting date: 1st Oct 2015
Job Profile: The professorship for which applications are invited covers a broad field as it concerns the establishment of the intellectual traditions of classical China. Philology is given a central role in the teaching duties of the post which aim, through the study of ancient texts and commentaries organised within specific themes, to train students in the critical analysis of literary and historical sources while providing an introduction to the issues of textual transmissi [ ... ]

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CCK Foundation Library Travel Grant 2015
Thursday, 12 Feb 2015

Deadlines: 20th Mar & Oct 2015
Thanks to the continued support of the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation the EACS also in 2015 is able to fund one-week visits for specialised research in Sinological libraries in Berlin, Cambridge, Heidelberg, Leiden, London, Munich, Oxford or Paris.
Applications received before the two deadlines of March 20 and October 20 will be considered within 3 weeks after receipt.
Applicants should be Sinologists based permanently in Europe and preferably paid-up members of the EACS. Applications from non- [ ... ]

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Call for Papers: Interdisciplinary conference - "To boldly go where no man has gone before: The Fascination with the Unknown: Time"
Wednesday, 04 Feb 2015

Berlin, Germany
9 - 11th Jul 2015
Deadline: 1st Mar 2015
The unknown and unfamiliar enthrall us. They exert a profound fascination. Following an interdisciplinary symposium, which explored the fascination with the unknown with regard to space (“To boldly go where no man has gone before – Fascination with the Unknown: Space”, 30 th -31 st May, 2014), this conference will explore the attraction of the unknown with regard to time. Unknown time alludes to specific periods of time that have not yet been fully explored, r [ ... ]

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MERICS European China Talent Program
Friday, 30 Jan 2015

Berlin, Germany
6 - 8th May 2015
Deadline: 9th Feb 2015
The Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) strives to encourage European students and young graduates to deepen their engagement with contemporary China. By bringing together fifteen outstanding European students and graduates, the MERICS European China Talent Program provides a platform for exchange of perspectives on China and supports the development of a long-lasting network of future European China experts. The three-day program will take place fr [ ... ]

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Lingua Sinica is accepting submissions
Tuesday, 06 Jan 2015

Lingua Sinica is the first Open Access international journal devoted to languages and linguistics of China, aiming to achieve the widest possible visibility and optimal international impact of its published research publishing research articles that bridge theoretical orientations, research paradigms, and linguistic traditions providing free accessibility to linguists in China and around the world to promote effective research dissemination and exchange The Open Access fees (Article-Processing Charges) for thi [ ... ]

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New association: European Association for Chinese Philosophy (EACP)
Tuesday, 06 Jan 2015

In October 2014, the European Association for Chinese philosophy (EACP) was established. If you are interested in our activities, please check the EACP website (http://www.ea-cp.eu/ ). We invite you to join us and to fill out your membership application form at the tab "Members"; (http://www.ea-cp.eu/members ). We are looking forward to hearing from you and hoping the EACP registration will be one of the first joyful activities you will be performing in 2015. We are open for all membership proposals and invite you to sp [ ... ]

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Oriens Extremus (52.2013) „Chinese Reflections on the Exile Experience after 1949“ Now AvailableOriens Extremus (52.2013) „Chinese Reflections on the Exile Experience after 1949“ Now Available
Tuesday, 06 Jan 2015

Volume 52, edited by Thomas Fröhlich and Brigit Knüsel Adamec, will be a special volume devoted to inese Reflections on the Exile Experience after 1949. China’s 20th century was a century marked by exile. The multifarious experience of exile is arguably one of the salient features of a distinction, as historical periods, between the 19th and 20th century in China.   Visit Oriens Extremus' website at: ternal Link...                          [ ... ]

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Daria Berg. Daria Berg. "Women and the Literary World in Early Modern China, 1580-1700" Routledge, 2013.
Tuesday, 06 Jan 2015

Exploring the works of key women writers within their cultural, artistic and socio-political contexts, this book considers changes in the perception of women in early modern China. The sixteenth century brought rapid developments in technology, commerce and the publishing industry that saw women emerging in new roles as both consumers and producers of culture. This book examines the place of women in the cultural elite and in society more generally, reconstructing examples of particular women’s personal experiences, an [ ... ]

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Tian Yuan Tan and Paolo Santangelo, Passion, Romance, and Qing: The World of Emotions and States of Mind in Peony Pavilion (3 vols.). Leiden, Boston: Brill. (Emotions and States of Mind in East Asia series)Tian Yuan Tan and Paolo Santangelo, Passion, Romance, and Qing: The World of Emotions and States of Mind in Peony Pavilion (3 vols.). Leiden, Boston: Brill. (Emotions and States of Mind in East Asia series)
Monday, 17 Nov 2014

"Passion, Love, and Qing examines the vitality of Peony Pavilion, the most famous drama in Ming China (1368-1644), through four essays (by Isabella Falaschi, Paolo Santangelo, Tian Yuan Tan, and Rossella Ferrari) and an extensive Glossary of specific terms and expressions related to the representation of emotions and states of mind. It explores the evolution and permanence of the universal message about passion or emotions contained in the language of the play. Written in the late Ming, Peony Pavilion embodies the new trend [ ... ]

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Call for Papers: "Zhu Xi and his Efforts for Renewal: Innovation, Social Reform and Epistemology 朱子知識論與社會革新" International Conference
Friday, 07 Nov 2014

Trier, Germany
11 - 12th Jul 2015
Deadline: 20th Nov 2014
The emergence of daoxue Confucianism in the 11th and 12th centuries is a pivotal point in
the history of Chinese thought, often considered to be the beginning of a new era (as the
controversial term “Neo-Confucian” illustrates). During the second half of the 20 th century,
lars have profoundly explored the new approach of Zhu Xi and others of his era to-
ward ethics, self-cultivation and metaphysics. In more recent times, the horizon has been
further enlarged by [ ... ]

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Call for Papers: 9th International Conference of the European Association of Chinese Linguistics (EACL-9)
Monday, 27 Oct 2014

Stuttgart, Germany
24 - 26th Sep 2015
Deadline: 30th Apr 2015
We invite anonymous abstracts for 30-minute talks (20+10) presenting new research into all areas of Chinese linguistics (excluding Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language). Submissions may not exceed 500 words and must be written in English. Presentations at the conference may be in Mandarin Chinese or English. Please indicate the language of presentation in the abstract. Please include 2 to 4 keywords right underneath the title of your abstract. No more than on [ ... ]

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Call for Papers: Kentucky Foreign Language Conference (KFLC)
Wednesday, 17 Sep 2014

Univ. of Kentucky, USA
23 - 25th Apr 2015
Deadline: Nov 10th 2014
Abstracts are invited in all areas and aspects of the field of East Asian studies. Paper presentations are 20 minutes followed by a 10 minute question and answer session. In addition for individual abstracts for paper presentations, proposals for panels of 5 papers will be considered.  The KFLC has a tradition of attracting scholars from a broad range of languages and specializations. In addition to sessions on East Asian Studies, this year [ ... ]

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Call for Papers: Third Rutgers Workshop in Chinese Philosophy
Tuesday, 16 Sep 2014

New Jersey, USA
16th Apr 2016
Deadline: 30th Sep 2014
The Third Rutgers Workshop in Chinese Philosophy is now calling for proposals for papers in Chinese philosophy that directly engage with the works of living Western philosophers. All topics are welcome. Our aim at this Workshop is to bring together scholars in Chinese philosophy with philosophers in the Western analytic tradition on a philosophical topic of mutual interest. Ideally, submitted proposals will directly discuss the work of a living philosopher whom we will i [ ... ]

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Call for Papers: International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS) 9
Monday, 15 Sep 2014

Adelaide, Australia
5 - 9th Jul 2015
Deadline: 30th Oct 2014
The International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS) is the premier international gathering in the field of Asian Studies. It attracts participants from over 60 countries to engage in global dialogues on Asia that transcend boundaries between academic disciplines and geographic areas. Since 1997, ICAS has brought more than 17,000 academics together at eight conventions. We are looking forward to receiving your proposal for ICAS 9.   ICAS 9 [ ... ]

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Call for Panels: 14th International Conference on the History of Science in East Asia (14th ICHSEA)
Monday, 30 Jun 2014

Paris, France
6th - 10th Jul 2015
The 14th International Conference on the History of Science in East Asia (14th ICHSEA) will take place in Paris, 6-10 July 2015. It is organised under the auspices of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), on behalf of the International Society for the History of East Asian Science, Technology and Medicine (ISHEASTM). The conference is the latest in a series of major international meetings that have taken place in Europe, East Asia and America since 1990. It will brin [ ... ]

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Call for Papers: "The Shaping of Christianity in China: a fresh look at the contribution of indigenous Christians"
Friday, 13 Jun 2014

Oxford, UK
21st - 22nd May 2015
Deadline: 31st Dec 2014
Several scholars have agreed to lend their support to an initiative from Dr Peter Rowan, the UK National Director of OMF International, to hold a two-day conference at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (OCMS), Woodstock Road, Oxford, in Spring 2015, to mark the 150 years since the foundation of the China Inland Mission/OMF.  Among those supporting this initiative are Dr Patrick Fung (General Director OMF, Singapore), Dr Tom Harvey (OCMS), Professor David K [ ... ]

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Call for Papers: International Conference: "Translation Talk"
Wednesday, 04 Jun 2014

London, UK
23rd - 24th Apr 2015
Deadline: 1st Jul 2014
A 2-day international conference to be held at the Institute of Modern Languages Research (IMLR), School of Advanced Study, University of London, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU, UK, on Thursday 23 - Friday 24 April 2015. Can translation be said to define the contemporary ethos (Alexis Nouss, 2007)? This conference asks to what extent the concept of ‘ ranslation' and images of translators and interpreters have been employed to talk about ideas wel [ ... ]

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For EACS Members: EACS Newsletter #48For EACS Members: EACS Newsletter #48
Friday, 15 Nov 2013

For EACS Members: EACS Newsletter #48   Access to our latest newsletter (#48) is restricted to our members. If you want to apply for membership in the EACS, please fill in the registration form on the members page.   If you already are EACS member but didn't receive the newsletter or wish to have it re-sent, please contact the webmaster. Topics in this issue   EACS addresses Message from the Newsletter Editor Report from the President Report from the Secretary News from the Treasurer C [ ... ]

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